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Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20: 2021 Fall Juvenile Justice Training Virtual Conference

Teen Dating Violence

This presentation provides an overview of brain development during adolescence, including typical adolescent brain development; how brain development may be impeded by toxic stress and adversity; implications of brain development in how we understand and address teen dating violence; and, recommendations and promising practices for effective intervention in cases of teen dating violence.

pdf Material for the Teen Dating Violence Session

A Parent's Journey

Parents are the most important people in a young person's life and it is never too late to make a difference. Parents must be allies and partners when youth wander from society's norms.  Rick Miller provides tools that help parents and service providers maximize their own creativity, wisdom, and intuition in helping kids succeed.

pdf Material for the A Parent's Journey Session

Bouncing Forward: Dealing with and Growing Through Stress

This session focuses on resilience and growth during current stressors; particularly with the backdrop of COVID-19.  The concept of Post Traumatic Growth is introduced, and participants have an opportunity to consider their own life experiences and how to move forward from difficult situations.

pdf Material for the Bouncing Forward: Dealing with and Growing Through Stress

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