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2019 The Updated Path of Kevin's Law

pdf 2019 Kevin's Law Training Materials


Public Act 593 of 2018 amended parts of Chapter 4 of the Mental Health Code providing additional clarity to the processes and procedures under which a person may be ordered into involuntary mental health treatment. This session is a summary of those changes and will assist judges and court staff in understanding the processing changes.




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Ability to Pay

Judge John Hallacy and Judge James Brady provide an overview of ability-to-pay issues when enforcing court-ordered financial obligations. The webcast includes frequently asked questions and hypothetical scenarios.

pdf Ability To Pay flowcharts

pdf Ability To Pay presentation

pdf Ability To Pay Update to Materials



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Adoption Training-2017

Different types of adoption often require different processes. This adoption training focuses on the different types of adoption within Michigan and the general procedures that go along with those types of adoptions. 

pdf Adoption Training-2017-recording

pdf Adoption Training-2017-Errata

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Advice of Rights and Plea Information

These recordings, in nine different languages, were recorded for Foreign Language plea hearings.


Arabic Advice of Rights (Attorney) 

Arabic Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Bosnian Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Bosnian Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

English Advice of Rights (Attorney)

English Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Hakka Chin Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Hakka Chin Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Kinyarwanda Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Kinyarwanda Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Nepali Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Nepali Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Spanish Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Spanish Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Swahili Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Swahili Advice of Rights (No Attorney)

Vietnamese Advice of Rights (Attorney)

Vietnamese Advice of Rights (No Attorney)


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Bankruptcy & District Court April 2010

In this April 2010 webcast, several bankruptcy and district court topics are addressed, such as: notification/verification of bankruptcy filing, automatic stay, proof of claim, discharge, and other select topics.

pdf Bankruptcy and District Court Apr2010 compiled

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Case File Management Standards - Overview

This recording, from the Chief Deputy Clerk seminar in September 2014, includes topics such as Case File Management Standards, Records Management and Retention, Juvenile Records, and Probate Records.

pdf Case File Management Standards Overview-Sept 2014

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Certified Electronic Operator (CeO) - Training Seminar

This video requires a password.  Please contact Denice Purves at (517) 373-9526 to obtain the password.

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COVID-19 Medical Overview - an Excerpt from the Ongoing Medical, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for Managing COVID-19 conference session

In this recording, an excerpt from a session held during the 2021 Michigan Supreme Court Judicial Conference, you will hear from Dr. Mark Ebell from the University of Georgia, College of Public Health. Dr. Ebell provides a COVID-19 Overview and identifies court practices to ensure the safety of jurists, court personnel, practitioners, jurors, witnesses, and the public.

pdf Session handout

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DCAS Basic Training

The DCAS Basic Training is recorded into nine recordings to be viewed in numerical order and sorted by content.  The DCAS Basic training is for newer users of DCAS and those wanting a refresher on its basic use. Viewers will learn the icons to navigate the DCAS pages, build simple and multivariable study groups, run simple descriptive statistics and interpret their output, and run performance measures on their program. Viewers of this training should have had a DCCMIS training prior and access to the DCAS component. Materials described in the training can be found here.




2-DCAS Datasets


3-Categorical Output


4-Continuous Output


5-Survival Analysis Output


6-Raw Data


7-Building Study Groups


8-Performance Measures




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DCAS II Advanced Training

This training is for experienced users of DCAS and covers the standard deviation, process and outcomes evaluations, and two types of comparison analysis - the chi square test for independence and the t-test.  Viewers should have solid knowledge of building multivariable study groups.  The training is designed to help team members evaluate program design and program effectiveness using different analyses.

document Process Evaluation TEMPLATE




2-Standard Deviation


3-Process Evaluation


4-Outcomes Evaluation


5-Chi Square




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Differences Between Swift and Sure and Problem-Solving Courts

“Isn’t Michigan’s Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program ‘just another drug court’?” This webinar discusses 10 differences between the Swift and Sure program and treatment-based problem-solving courts.

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District Court Case Processing: General Civil

This recording covers the basics of how to process general civil cases in district court.

District Court Case Processing: General Civil

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District Court Case Processing: Miscellaneous Civil

This recording covers the basics of how to process miscellaneous claims in district court.

pdf Miscellaneous Civil Proceedings

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District Court Case Processing: Small Claims

This recording covers the basics of how to process a small claims case in district court.

pdf District Court Case Processing: Small Claims

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District Court Case Processing: Summary Proceedings

This recording covers the basics of summary proceedings in district court.

pdf District Court Case Processing: Summary Proceedings

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E-Filing Kickoff

A recording description could go here.

Supporting documentation could go here.

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Effective Communication in the Legal Process for Persons with Hearing Disabilities

This recording provides information regarding how judges and court staff can effectively communicate with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. It will familiarize the viewer with American Sign Language interpretation.

pdf Effective Communication in the Legal Process for Persons with Hearing Disabilities


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Felony Sentencing Update

How has People v Lockridge, 498 Mich 358 (2015), changed felony sentencing? Understand Lockridge’s holding and its impact. See also the Criminal Proceedings Benchbook, Vol. 2, Chapter 3, for more info on felony sentencing.

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Fundamentals of Problem-Solving Courts April 14, 2021

This training focuses on identifying and implementing evidence-based practices and standards to ensure the best outcomes for your treatment court.


1. SCAO/MATCP Resources and Continuing Education 

2. Working as a Team

3. Target Population, Screening, and Assessments

4. Confidentiality and Due Process

5. Risk, Needs, Responsivity Model

6. Incentives and Sanctions

7. Treating Addiction and Mental Illness in Problem-Solving Courts/Evidence-based Models of Therapy

8. Drug Testing - Best Practices and Standards

9. Program Data and Evaluation

10. Final Questions and Answers

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Human Trafficking Overview

This video presentation will help you recognize common indicators and high risk factors for human trafficking. Learn about the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, Michigan human trafficking law, legal remedies for victims of human trafficking, as well as state and national trends. 

This presentation was funded by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

pdf Human Trafficking Overview

pdf Human Trafficking Overview Update and Errata

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