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Proceedings Involving an Indian Child Quick Reference Materials

To access flowcharts, checklists, and tables on a variety of general adoption-related proceedings, see our Adoption Proceedings Quick Reference Materials


Applicability of ICWA/MIFPA

Jurisdiction Under ICWA/MIFPA

Notice Requirements Under ICWA/MIFPA  

Voluntary Proceedings

Consent to Adopt Flowchart - TPR Proceedings Under ICWA/MIFPA

Consent to Adopt Checklist - Preliminary Matters

Consent to Adopt Checklist - Consent Hearing

Release for Adoption - Preliminary Matters

Release for Adoption - Release Hearing

Voluntary Guardianship Proceedings Under ICWA/MIFPA  

 Involuntary Proceedings

Involuntary TPR Under ICWA/MIFPA

Involuntary Guardianship Proceedings Under ICWA/MIFPA

Emergency Proceedings Under ICWA/MIFPA

Removal Hearing Proceedings Under ICWA/MIFPA

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