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COVID-19: Affected Events and Resources

To see a list of events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, please hover on the Events tab and click "Events Affected by COVID-19". In addition, due to the Governor's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order, MJI staff are not in the office. Accordingly, some resources may not display or function as you would expect. However, rest assured you can still reach MJI by calling 517-373-7171 or e-mailing with any questions. Staff will be checking voicemail and e-mails and responding accordingly.

Adoption Proceedings Quick Reference Materials

To access flowcharts, checklists, and tables on a variety of adoption-related proceedings involving an Indian child, see our Indian Child Proceedings Quick Reference Materials


Adoption Process Flowchart: Involuntary Termination Cases

Adoption Process Flowchart: Voluntary Termination Cases


Notice of Intent to Consent to Adoption of Expected Child Checklist

Preliminary Matters Checklist

Consent Hearing Checklist

Withholding Consent (Section 45) - Preliminary Matters Checklist

Withholding Consent (Section 45) - Hearing Checklist


Finalizing Adoption

Preliminary Matters Checklist

Petition Hearing Checklist



Petition for Rehearing Checklist

Rehearing Checklist



Notice of Intent to Release Expected Child for Adoption Checklist


Preliminary Matters Checklist

Release Hearing Checklist


Temporary Placements

Preliminary Matters Checklist

Custody Hearing Checklist

Filing of Transfer Report Checklist


Terminating Father's Parental Rights

Without Release or Consent Checklist - Preliminary Matters Checklist

Without Release or Consent Checklist - Hearing Checklist


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