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Criminal Procedure - PostTrial Quick Reference Materials


Felony Sentencing

Lockridge Flowchart

OV 4: Scoring Circumstances Caselaw

OV 19: Scoring Circumstances Caselaw

Statutory Offense Enhancement Table

pdf Sample Sentencing Guide

pdf Articulation of Reasons for Sentencing Departure

pdf Cobbs Hearing Memorandum

pdf Crosby Remands Quick Reference Guide

Crosby Remands Flowchart

Ability to Pay

pdf Ability to Pay Benchcard

Swift & Sure Sanctions Act

Probation Swift and Sure Sanctions Act - Ineligible Offenses

Probation Violation

Probation Violation Flowchart (Overview)

Arraignment Checklist

Plea Checklist

Contested Hearing Checklist

Sentencing Checklist

Postjudgment Motions

Effective June 26, 2020, the deadline to file postjudgment motions in a trial court (including motions appointing appellate counsel) is extended for 76 days. Administrative Order No. 2020-19(3).

Postjudgment Options for Relief Table

Motion for Directed Verdict of Acquittal After Jury Verdict Checklist  

Motion for New Trial Checklist 

Motion for Relief From Judgment Flowchart

Motion for Relief From Judgment Checklist

Motion to Correct an Invalid Sentence Checklist

Motion to Correct Mistakes After Judgment Checklist

Motion to Withdraw Plea After Sentence Checklist

Setting Aside Convictions

Setting Aside a Conviction Flowchart

Setting Aside a Conviction Checklist

Setting Aside a Human Trafficking Conviction Flowchart

Setting Aside a Conviction for Human Trafficking Victim Checklist


Table of General Costs

Table of Misdemeanor Offenses for Which Costs are Authorized

Table of Felony Offenses for Which Costs are Authorized

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