One Court of Justice

Landlord-Tenant Quick Reference Materials

Summary Proceedings Flowchart

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Settlements Quick Reference Materials

Settlements for Minors & Legally Incapacitated Individuals Checklist

Wrongful Death Settlement Checklist

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Civil Trial Quick Reference Materials

Bench Trial Decision Checklist

Verdict Checklist

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Civil Infractions Quick Reference Materials

Appearance by Mail Checklist

Appearance in Person Checklist

Table Comparing Civil Infractions

Informal Hearing Checklist

pdf Informal Hearing Worksheet

Municipal Civil Infraction Fines, Fees, & Costs Table

State Civil Infraction Fines, Fees, & Costs Table

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Marriage Ceremonies Quick Reference Materials

Marriage Checklist

pdf Sample Marriage Ceremony Scripts

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Small Claims Quick Reference Materials

Small Claims Checklist

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Prejudgment Civil Proceedings

Amendment of Process/Pleadings Under MCL 600.2301

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