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Due to the launch of the new One Court of Justice website, many MJI resources now contain broken links. We are actively working to fix these links, and we appreciate your patience.

Landlord-Tenant Quick Reference Materials

Summary Proceedings Flowchart

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Settlements & Trial Quick Reference Materials


  Settlements for Minors & Legally Incapacitated Individuals Checklist

  Wrongful Death Settlement Checklist


Oaths and Affirmations Table

Bench Trial Decision Checklist

Verdict Checklist

Juror Challenge for Cause Flowchart

Final Matters Before Releasing the Jury to Deliberate Checklist

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Civil Infractions Quick Reference Materials

Appearance by Mail Checklist

Appearance in Person Checklist

Table Comparing Civil Infractions

Informal Hearing Checklist

pdf Informal Hearing Worksheet

Municipal Civil Infraction Fines, Fees, & Costs Table

State Civil Infraction Fines, Fees, & Costs Table

Setting Aside Civil Infraction Flowchart

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Marriage Ceremonies Quick Reference Materials

Marriage Checklist

pdf Sample Marriage Ceremony Scripts

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Small Claims Quick Reference Materials

Small Claims Checklist

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Civil Pretrial Issues

Stages of Limited Scope Representation

Service of Process Table

Filing and Serving Responsive Pleadings Table

Amendment of Process or Pleadings Flowchart

Collateral Estoppel and Res Judicata Table

Summary Disposition Table

Conditional Dismissal Flowchart

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Civil Jurisdiction

Personal Jurisdiction of Corporations Flowchart

Personal Jurisdiction of Individuals Flowchart

Personal Jurisdiction of Partnership Associations or Unincorporated Voluntary Associations Flowchart

Personal Jurisdiction of Partnerships or Limited Partnerships Flowchart

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Medical Malpractice

Period of Notice of Intent Flowchart

Required Contents of Notice of Intent and Response Table

Amendment of Defective Notice of Intent Flowchart

Required Contents of Affidavit of Merit and Response Table

Criteria for Admission of Expert Testimony Flowchart

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Circuit Court Appeals

General Appeals of Right Table

General Appeals by Leave Table

Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and Michigan Civil Service Comm'n (MCSC) Appeals Table

Concealed Pistol Licensing Appeals Table

Landlord-Tenant or Land Contract Appeals Table

Licensing (MVC) Appeals Table

Michigan Employment Security Act (MESA) Appeals Table

Michigan Parole Board Appeals Table

Zoning Ordinance Determination Appeals Table

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