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Felony Sentencing Q&A

Recent Felony Sentencing Q&As

This Q&A is a collaborative effort between MJI, the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM), and the State Appellate Defenders Office (SADO). MJI cannot provide legal advice, and the information contained in the Q&A should not be construed as such, nor is it intended to be authoritative statements by the justices of the Michigan Supreme Court.

If your question has not already been answered, you may submit an inquiry to the committee. Please note that this service is designed to provide relevant and governing authorities to court and MDOC professionals who are scoring the sentencing guidelines. You should receive a response, typically within 72 hours; if appropriate, the inquiry and response will then be added to this page.

To access additional materials related to felony sentencing, such as former versions of the Sentencing Guidelines Manuals, please visit our Felony Sentencing Online Resources page.

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