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Felony Sentencing Online Resources

This page contains links to online resources related to felony sentencing in Michigan, including the current and former versions of the Sentencing Guidelines Manual, MJI Publications & Quick Reference materials, and court forms. Also check out our Felony Sentencing Q&A.

Sentencing Guidelines Manuals

Current pdf Sentencing Guidelines Manual

Former Manuals

1983-1988 1988 (Second Edition)
1997 1998
2000 2001 (Crime lists only; no manual issued)
2003 (March) 2003 (December)
2005 2006
2007 2008
2009 2010
2011 2012
2013 2014
2015 2016
2017 2018
2019 2020

MJI Publications & Quick Reference Materials

pdf Articulation of Reasons for Sentencing Departure

pdf Cobbs Hearing Memorandum

Criminal Proceedings Benchbook, Vol. 2 (see chapter 3)

pdf Crosby Remands Quick Reference Guide

Crosby Remands Flowchart

Lockridge Flowchart

OV 4: Scoring Circumstances Caselaw

OV 19: Scoring Circumstances Caselaw

pdf Sample Sentencing Guide

Statutory Offense Enhancement Table


Court Forms

Circuit Court Forms

District Court Forms

Juvenile Court Forms

Other Michigan Court Forms

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