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Landlord-Tenant Issues

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Evictions. Effective September 4, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order temporarily halting evictions to stop the spread of COVID-19. The order remains in effect through March 31, 2020. See 85 Fed Reg 55292 (September 4, 2020); 86 Fed Reg 8020 (February 3, 2021). The State Court Administrative Office has prepared FAQs​ to help district court judges and administrators respond to the order. Additional information is available at Michigan Legal Help​​, including a DIY toolkit to help defendants sign the declaration that covered persons must present to landlords.

Summary Proceedings. Administrative Order No. 2020-17 (amended on June 24, 2020, October 22, 2020, and December 29, 2020) sets forth several provisions regarding landlord/tenant actions once courts are able to begin conducting summary proceedings. Among other things, AO 2020-17 addresses the prioritization and scheduling of hearings, pleadings, and required notifications to the parties in an effort to “help limit the possibility of further infection while ensuring that landlord/tenant cases are able to be filed and adjudicated efficiently.” AO 2020-17 “is effective until further order of the Court.” See also the guidance document issued in conjunction with and the FAQs on AO 2020-17.


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