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Circuit Court Civil: Essential Functions

Administrative Order No 2020-2, which was rescinded by Administrative Order No. 2020-19(1) on June 26, 2020, outlined essential functions for each trial court. Although AO 2020-2 was rescinded, “courts shall continue to process those cases listed as essential functions in addition to other cases as courts return to full capacity under the terms of Administrative Order No. 2020-14. Accordingly under AO 2020-2 and AO 2020-19, the following are civil matters that may necessitate in-person proceedings subject to the parameters and restrictions set out in AO 2020-2: (1) infectious disease proceedings under MCL 333.5201 et seq.; (2) limited proceedings regarding personal protection orders (PPOs), consisting of review and determination of requests for PPOs under MCL 600.2950 and MCL 600.2950a, review and determination of emergency request to extend PPOs pursuant to MCR 3.707(B), and initial hearing for in-custody respondent arrested for alleged violation of PPO to address bond under MCL 764.15b. Subject to the information about adjournments in Administrative Order No. 2020-6, all other civil and business court matters, including trials, must be conducted remotely using two-way interactive video technology or other remote participation tools. The court may hear other emergency motions at its discretion.

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